Podcast Recommendation: Home/Front

Podcasts became a valuable source of information and a way for us to follow trends and conversations on topics we find interesting. The Conflict(ed) editorial team will introduce you to some of those conversations on topics we regularly discuss in our section or as professionals and find interesting and relevant.

As part of the NPR podcast Rough Translation, Gregory Warner, Quil Lawrence, and Justine Yan, created the series Home/Front. The series focuses on a sociological phenomenon we often address in Military Sociology- the divide between civilians and the military. The lifeworlds of military members became so detached from those of civilians that it created a situation where it is hard for us to communicate or understand each other. This divide is meaningful since it defines the nature of relationships between civil society and the armed forces. Relationships that include important issues such as recruitment, reintegration, and the use of coercive violence.

The podcast Home/Front explores this gap, offering a window into an interesting and important conversation in a very accessible way. It offers an opportunity to learn about meaningful conversations related to military sociology and the civ/mil divide.