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Laura Acosta, Northwestern University and Dr. Robert Braun, University of California Berkeley

Sinduja Raja, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver

Dr. Lisa Hajjar, University of California - Santa Barbara

Daniel McClymonds and Dr. Joshua Bloom, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Ann Mische, Ruth Carmi, Anna Johnson, Dr. Leslie MacColman, Şehrazat G. Mart, and Carli Steelman

Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies and Department of Sociology University of Notre Dame

Dr. Ashley V. Reichelmann, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Dr. Roger Mac Ginty, Durham University

Dr. Michael A. Messner, University of Southern California

Dr. Ori Swed, Texas Tech University

Basak Gemici, University of Pittsburgh

Kristin Foringer, University of Michigan

Blair Sackett, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Zahra Ali, Rutgers University- Newark

Dr. Ori Swed, Texas Tech University

Dr. Selina Gallo-Cruz, College of the Holy Cross

Dr. Jelena Golubović, Simon Fraser University

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