Submission Guidelines

The PWSC Official Blog aims to contribute a meaningful and timely reflection on topics of interest to both social scientists and policy practitioners in the realm of peace, war, and social conflict around the world.

Conflict(ed) is the official blog for the Peace, War, & Social Conflict Section of the American Sociological Association. It is posting new content every month, disseminating the work presented within this community and online. To submit content, you do not have to be an ASA or PWSC section member.

Why Submit to Conflict(ed)?

Conflict(ed) is a space for scholars, experts, and practitioners that study issues in peace, war, and social conflict can discuss their work, engaging as a community. It is a valuable platform for you to present your work in the field to the relevant audience for recognition and feedback. It is also the forum where we teach and learn from one another about active research projects, datasets and methodological issues, new topics and trends in the field, new theories, and relevant world events.

We are interested in fostering conversation that will help us better understand our field, our community of scholars, and to create better theory, research, policy, and solutions. We want to know what you are working on and what you think is important. We want to build knowledge about the ever-shifting field of conflict and peace, and we hope that your contribution can add to the community's conversation.

Remember that the field is very broad, and often the things that we take for granted are not known to other members of the community. This is an opportunity for us to share this information and begin an informed discussion.

Criteria For Writers

  • The post's length should be 500 - 800 words. The idea is to have a focused and digestible message.

  • The post should be submitted as a Word doc in Times New Roman font 12, with 1.5 space between lines.

  • All citations should be incorporated in the text as hyperlinks.

  • The post should be focused and direct, talking about one topic.

  • You are expected to provide a relevant free usage photo for the blog along with the relevant credit.

  • The author should consult with the list below of what we publish. Please inform us which type of post you submit in your email

What Do We Publish

We publish content that we believe will be of interest to our community. The community is comprised of academics, practitioners, and experts who study or work in the field of peace, war, and social conflict, broadly defined. Our goal is to inform our community about recent scholarship, important trends, policy relevant developments or issues, experts' perspectives, relevant world events, and other themes and topics that can help us better understand the field.

We encourage you to submit content that fits one of the following:

  • Research Summary: a summary of your own research or others' research that you think should get more attention within the community.

  • Policy Digest: a policy review or analysis of a topic.

  • Interviews with Experts: an informative interview with experts in the field, practitioners, and academics alike.

  • Field Notes: summary, reflection, or analysis of field notes.

  • Reflections on Research Challenges: discussion or reflection over the challenges (and hopefully solutions) for research, working, and teaching in our field.

  • Reflections on Methods and Datasets: discussion and introduction of new research methods, tools, and datasets.

  • Case Studies of Conflicts: an informative review or analysis of active case studies of conflict, peacebuilding, etc.

  • Op-Eds: your opinion on a topic that is relevant to the community.

If you think that your work does not match any of these topics in the list, yet you think it is relevant, please send us an email that explains your work's contribution for the community.

Review Process

  • The review process is expected to take 1-2 months from confirmation of submission. After submissions, the article will go into review with our reviewer's team. During that period the author can expect to receive feedback and critique. Only after the revised version is approved we will provide the author with the date for publication.

  • If the topic is "live" and requires fast publication please mention that in the title of the submission.


Where to submit: The content should be submitted to Dr. Ori Swed at