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The purpose of the Section on Peace and War and Social Conflict is to encourage the application of sociological methods, theories, and perspectives to the study of peace and war and social conflict.

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Protectors of Pluralism Religious Minorities and the Rescue of Jews in the Low Countries during the Holocaust/Robert Braun

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The Sociology of Privatized Security/Ori Swed and Thomas Corsbie

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Monday, August 9:

Dynamics in War, Peace, Resistance, and SolidarityPeace and ConflictMonday, August 9, 2:30 to 3:55 pm EDT (1:30 to 2:55 pm CDT)VAM, Room 26
This panel explores dynamics and issues that occur during war and in the quest for peace. Panelists examine gendered roles in resistance and peacebuilding; the ambiguity and "othering" in transnational solidarity tourism; and what happens with armaments when a state collapses. The presenters cover an array of cases from Liberia, Libya, Palestine, and Nazi-occupied European nations.
Session Organizer: Sharon Erickson Nepstad, nepstad@unm.edu, University of New Mexico-AlbuquerquePresider: Sharon Erickson Nepstad, nepstad@unm.edu, University of New Mexico-AlbuquerquePresentations: Liberian Women, Peacebuilding, and the Invisible Hand of Conflict in the Post War Era - Selina R. Gallo-Cruz, sgallo@holycross.edu, College of the Holy Cross; Renee Remsberg, rr1@wellesley.edu, Wellesley CollegeNetworks and Conventionalized Gender Roles in Civilian Resistance Against Genocide During WWII in the Netherlands - Kiran Stallone, kiran_stallone@berkeley.edu, University of California, Berkeley; Robert Braun, robert.braun@berkeley.edu, University of California-Berkeley“Seeing is Believing in the End”: Solidarity Tourism in Palestine - Anna K Johnson, ajohns41@nd.edu, University of Notre DameState-making versus State-breaking: From Monopoly on Violence to SALW Proliferation Out of Collapsed Libya - Ori Swed, Ori.Swed@ttu.edu, Texas Tech University; Kerry Chavez, kerry.chavez@ttu.edu
Zoom Meeting Host: Sharon Erickson Nepstad, nepstad@unm.edu, University of New Mexico-AlbuquerqueDiscussant: Marie E. Berry, marie.e.berry@gmail.com, University of DenverZoom Meeting Alternate Host: Marie E. Berry, marie.e.berry@gmail.com, University of Denver

Section on Human Rights. Topic: Intersectional Human Rights: A Global AgendaMonday, August 9, 2:30 to 3:55 pm EDT, VAM, Room 13Organized by David Cunningham, Washington University-St. Louis, and Nicole Fox, California State University, SacramentoPresider: Nicole Fox, Cal State SacramentoDiscussant: Dana M. Moss, University of Notre DamePresentations:Building an Intersectional Feminist Coalition through Holistic Peacebuilding: The Case of Myanmar by Mollie E. Pepper, Northeastern UniversityFear of Crime in the Northern Triangle: Neighborhood Insecurity in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras by Cristian Luis Paredes, Loyola University Chicago; Keyla Navarrete; and Skky Martin, Loyola University ChicagoFeminist Minefields: The debate about Soviet mass rapes and its consequences by Tinka Tabea Schubert, Stanford UniversityToward a Sociological Understanding of the Linkage between Human Rights and Development in Bangladesh by M. Anwar Hossen, Dhaka University

Tuesday, August 10:

Section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict Council Meeting (for section officers and council members only), 10:00 to 10:45 am EDT, VAM, Room 19.
Section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict. Invited panel. Intervening Abroad: Protecting Human Rights or Imperialism? (co-sponsored by the Human Rights section), VAM, Room 19, 11:00 am-12:25 pm EDTSession Organizers: Jeff Goodwin, New York University; David Cunningham, Washington University-St. LouisPresider: David Cunningham, Washington University-St. LouisPanelists: Marie E. Berry, University of Denver; Arjun Chowdhury, University of British Columbia; Neta Crawford, Boston University
Section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict. Open panel. The Social and Political Effects of Monuments and Memorials, VAM, Room 20, 12:45-2:10 pm EDTSession Organizer: Ashley Veronica Reichelmann, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityPresider: David Lee Rigby, UNC Chapel HillPresentations: ‘Tear Down the Fort’: A Fort National Monument and the Structure of American Racial Ideology - Camille Petersen, Northeastern UniversityThe Past in the Present: The Effects of Memorialization on Racial Attitudes Across Time - Ashley Veronica Reichelmann, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; James E. Hawdon, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; John Ryan, Virginia TechThe Writing is on the Monument: The Case of Kosovo’s NEWBORN Sculpture - Alissa Boguslaw, Coe CollegeWar Commemoration and Nationalism in Belgium, 1914-1945: The Role of Military Networks - Laura Acosta, Northwestern University; Robert Braun, University of California-Berkeley
Section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict. Open panel. Violence and Nonviolence at Black Lives Matter Protests, VAM, Room 20, 2:30-3:55 pm EDTSession Organizer: Jeff Goodwin, New York UniversityPresider: David Cunningham, Washington University-St. LouisPresentations: The Swarm versus the Grassroots: Places and networks of supporters and opponents in #blacklivesmatter on Twitter - Sander van Haperen, University of Amsterdam; Walter Nicholls, University of Amsterdam; Justus Uitermark, University of AmsterdamWhat Happened in Portland? - Joshua Bloom, University of PittsburghDiscussant: Jeff Goodwin
Section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict Business Meeting, VAM, Room 66, 4:15-4:45 pm EDT. Open to all section members (and prospective members). Section prizes will be awarded at this brief meeting.
Section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict Refereed Roundtables.Table 1: Violent Exposures and Wellbeing, VAM, Room 62, 4:45-5:40 pm EDTSession Organizer: Seth Behrends, University of Illinois-ChicagoTable Presider: Amy Kate Bailey, University of Illinois-ChicagoPresentations: Exposure to violence and cycles of conflict: Evidence from the West Bank - Crystal ShacklefordFormer child soldier identity in Colombia - Randall Salm, College of Southern MarylandSpousal Justifications and Excuses of Genocide and Psycho-Social Wellbeing - Laura Frizzell, The Ohio State University; Hollie Nyseth Brehm, Ohio State University; Kammi Schmeer, Ohio State University
Table 2: Political Power, Dissent, and Uprisings, VAM, Room 63, 4:45-5:40 pm EDTSession Organizer: Amy Kate Bailey, University of Illinois-ChicagoTable Presider: Seth Behrends, University of Illinois-ChicagoPresentations: Bandits, Militants, and Martyrs: Sub-state Violence as Claim to Authority in Late Antique North Africa - Gregory Goalwin, Aurora UniversityBrexit as a ‘Constitutional Moment’ in Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist Politics? Examining Perspectives of Community-based Stakeholders in Northern Ireland - Curtis Carl Holland, SUNY-Old WestburyDiaspora Compound: Securitization Framework and the Turkish State’s Making of Dissent Abroad - Zeynep Selen Bayhan, 29 Mayis UniversityPost-Terrorist Wars on Terror: Criminal Law and the Repression of Nonviolent Contention in Spain - Philippe Duhart, California State Polytechnic University-PomonaThe Iraqi uprising: space, urbicide and necropolitcs - Zahra Ali, Rutgers University-Newark
Peace, War, and Social Conflict Section Virtual Reception, 7:30-8:30 pm EDT, VAM, Room 37. Members and friends of the Peace, War, and Social Conflict section are invited to meet, socialize, network, and conspire. BYOB!

Business Meeting Agenda

Dear PWSC section members,

The PWSC Business Meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 10, from 4:15 to 4:45 pm Eastern time, VAM, Room 66. This highlight of this short meeting is the presentation of our annual section awards. I hope you all can Zoom in to congratulate the winners!

Let me also remind you that we have two refereed roundtables that immediately follow the meeting (see my previous email) as well as a virtual reception later in the evening, 7:30 to 8:30 pm Eastern time, VAM, Room 37. Have a drink and meet, greet, and socialize.

Here is the business meeting agenda:

4:15 I. Chair's report (Jeff Goodwin)

4:20 II. Secretary-Treasurer's report (Scott Landes)

4:25 III. Presentation of Section Awards:

Presentation of the Robin M. Williams Jr. Award by Jeff Goodwin to Sharon Erickson Nepstad

Presentation of the Outstanding Book Award by Lisa Hajjar to Selina Gallo-Cruz for Political Invisibility and Mobilization: Women against State Violence in Argentina, Yugoslavia, and Liberia

Presentation of the Outstanding Published Article Award by Ann Mische to Joshua Bloom and Aliza Luft (co-winners), with an honorable mention to Laura Acosta

Presentation of the Elise Boulding Student Paper Award by Eric Schoon to Alvin Camba and Kristin Foringer (co-winners), with an honorable mention to Basak Gemici

4:45 IV. Introduction of our new section chair, Laura Heideman