Section Announcement Listserv:

ASA provides each section with an Announcement List for the purpose of disseminating announcements and other important and timely information to section members. Please send your announcements to any of the following officers and they can post your announcement to the listserv. Chari, Chair-Elect, Sectretary-Treasurer and immediate Past Chair. Message are automatically sent to all section members via email. Messages are routed via

If you want to be excluded from the list, email Here and a marker will be placed on your record so that your e-mail address will be excluded when the distribution list is refreshed. ASA will refresh the distribution list on a bi-monthly basis or as needed

Section Discussion Listserv:

To join the section discussion listserv you must send an email as described below.

Subscribing to the list:

Each section will encourage its members to subscribe to the open discussion list by using the following steps:>

In the address field, type in ; leave

the subject field blank.

In the text area or body of the message, type in subscribe peace_war.After issuing the subscribe

command in the body of the message, the remainder of the body must be blank. OR, type 2 hyphens (--) on the next line after the subscribe command to have the listserver ignore other text.

Send the subscription message.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation fanned an authorization key with which to confirm that you really want to joint he list. Once you reply positively to that you will get a welcome message.

Unsubscribing from the list:

Section members can unsubscribe their list participation at any time by sending a message to and typing in the following command in the body of the text: unsubsribe peace_war